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June 4, 2004
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FVII-Cocky Reno Pin-Up by viciousSHADi FVII-Cocky Reno Pin-Up by viciousSHADi
(Re: The spammer--I have already filed a complaint. If any of y'all already did, that's cool, but hopefully it will be taken care of.)

Okay, let's get the pervertedness out and over with:

Huh-huh, I said "cocky". :D

Okay! Another FFVII piece, this time of Reno (let's face it, it's not Shadi art if there's no Reno to be seen)! I was so excited to hear that Reno was gonna be in AC, and when the screencaps came out, I came to see that all they're showing so far, in the caps, is the back of his head. :shakefist: I want more, demmit! So anyway, I felt like drawing him because it would make me feel much better.

For this image, I just wanted to make Reno really cocky, holding his Electro-Mag rod very casually and cocking his head to the side, kinda like "'Sup" so someone that he's about to mess up. :nod: I rather liked the draft, and I gotta say I like the CG final too.

...I'd almost suggest he not keep the mag rod on near his hair, but it's spiky anyway.

...didn't I once say I'd make a Vincent art? *eyes :iconvinja-ryou: nervously*

Reno is the property of Square-Enix, and this was done in Photoshop 5.5 (I have 7, but I need a new computer to upgrade it. Grr.)
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